Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo, How about you, you, you?

the NC Zoo is only about 10 minutes from our home!  we closed up shop today and took an entire day off to go to the zoo...

primates are my absolute favorites and the zoo had plenty of them...

the baboons were fascinating to watch... they have a large number of them.  their habitat was huge and they had access to both inside and outside... interesting thing was that they all were hanging out inside.

i realized when i downloaded my pictures that we didn't take any of the polar bear exhibit.  i think we were too enthralled with his antics to think about the camera.  i never realized polar bears were so playful... perhaps the only polar bears i had seen in the past were in pitiful environments.  when i was a kid in NH, every summer we went to Benson's Wild Animal Farm in Hudson, NH.  we had a great time there but i think their polar bear only had a little pond to wade in.  the polar bear at the NC zoo has a 12' deep pool to dive in... with LOTS of toys to play with!  his pool allows you to view him from underwater too.
i was also looking forward to seeing the new lemur island habitat... but by late afternoon the lemurs were exhausted and taking a nap.
... guess i will have to go back again to see those lemurs in action as well as to get a pic of the polar bear.

back to making pots tomorrow!

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