Saturday, October 16, 2010

BIG pots!

jeff is going to fire his big pots in daniel johnston's wood kiln.  these pots will be single fired, the interiors glazed with albany slip. i used a watering can to pour the slip into the pots while jeff held and turned them... we had to work quickly...

the first one is a success!  and now on to #2...

oh no! the pot absorbed too much of the slip and the bottom popped off...

as jeff went to set it down the whole pot fell apart :-(  
the albany slip is a rich brown color and as i picked up all the pieces the smooth creaminess of the shards made me think of chocolate bark...

it was sad to lose such a nice big pot.  thankfully the first survived along with some large pitchers.


  1. don't you hate when that happens?

  2. what a bummer; I thought they weren't mining Albany slip any longer?

  3. sadly the other big pot lost it's bottom too :-) the albany slip is a treasure from our studio in NH... along with a few others :-)


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