Sunday, October 17, 2010

button cups

over the last few months i have been making stamped narrow cylinders with B-mix... my thoughts were that they would be nice little bud vases.

here is the latest group drying on a ware board

these are two that came out of the wood kiln last week... i love how buttery the B-mix fires in wood

jeff started calling them "button cups" and the name just stuck... he also decided they are perfect for drinking beer out of.


  1. I like B-Mix clay, gets good color and has the strength of porcelain, nice tumblers.

  2. we are going to buy some b-mix when we are in New England next week... better pricing than here in NC. i like it because you get the look of porcelain but it is less persnickety.

  3. Ohh, so pretty! The B-Mix is like butter after working in high fire stoneware clay :)


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