Friday, October 1, 2010

Clay and Blogs: Telling A Story

tonight i ventured out on my own to southern pines to the opening of the clay and blogs show... lot's of awesome pots and a nice turnout for the opening.  it was great to see work in person that in the past i had only seen online.  emily murphy had cups there that were very tempting to purchase.  they were sold in sets of two and i just couldn't swing purchasing two this month.  linda starr's (who i got to meet this week!) pieces were gorgeous... and of course gary rith's teapots were sweet and whimsical.  i have seen gary's work in person (i own a georges le soq mug) at the league of NH craftsmen's gallery in concord, nh some years back.
jeff's is over at the wood kiln helping to brick up the door while i am hard at work blogging with a glass of vino :-)

thankfully yesterday's crabbiness has gone away.


  1. Thanks so much Michele, so good to see you again; what a blast it was and thanks for coming out; I posted some candids and will post photos of pots tomorrow.

  2. So sorry that I missed you, it was really hard trying to figure out who everyone was! I didn't know anybody but Meredith and Blaine when I got there. I'll just have to visit your place one of these days!


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