Thursday, September 30, 2010

fire and rain... or is it rain and then fire?

i will admit it... i am a crab today.  we had such torrential rain last night that we woke up to about 2" of water in our bathroom/laundry room.  jeff had to work on getting the wood kiln loaded so i stayed home to clean up the water... NOT FUN.
here are a few pics of how the loading is progressing...

shelves ground down, kiln wash applied

jeff and kurt wadding and loading pots into the salt chamber

first chamber (wood only, no salt) is loaded

there will be about 900 pots in the kiln, made by 5 potters, when all is said and done.  thankfully the rain is over and the next few days look like clear skies. (perhaps my mood will improve).


  1. I just finished a pitiful post and then read your first line about being a crab! How appropriate! Boy I have been in a funk today, must be the weather. Good luck with the firing :)
    Wine (whine) is good with crabs haha!

  2. I hope you have a shop vac. That was one bunch of rain for sure. Hope the firing goes well.

  3. two glasses of wine and good night's sleep has cured the crabs!

    linda... jeff has a shop vac... in the storage unit in NH! i went out and bought a new one yesterday. couldn't have cleaned it all up quickly without it. thankfully was have a good dehumidifier and that helped with the final overnight drying.


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