Saturday, November 13, 2010

the count down begins...

the celebration of seagrove potters is less than a week away!  our new little gas kiln is firing as i type.  i had the most enjoyable day glazing pots for a raku firing that we will do in the next day or two.  raku is my first love. it was the first type of firing that i learned how to do... jeff has always done raku workshops and there was a core group of us who always fired together.  we had sooo much fun. firings always involved great food and wine and/or good sake to go along with it.  my best memories are firing with tom kelly and kathy feltz... i can still hear our conversations running through my head about music, our kids and our adventures in clay...
today i decided to do some tape resist work that i haven't done in years.  i cut masking tape with an exacto knife to the design i want, apply it to the pot and then glaze.  when it's dry i remove the tape.

applying glaze

glazed pot before the tape is removed

voila! the tape is peeled off!

wherever the tape was on the pot will be black lines... once these are fired i will post some pics... some of these are lamp bodies and others are decorative pots.  hopefully they will be successful, other than beads and a couple of tiles i haven't raku fired in a few years!

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  1. Nice effect with the tape. Good luck with the gas firing, and we'll see you later this week.


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