Thursday, November 11, 2010

kiln building update

the push is on to get this kiln finished... we would like to be able to fire it twice within the next seven days. we have the big celebration of seagrove potters happening in one week.  it would be great to have more of our new work to sell at the show.

yesterday jeff worked on cutting and fitting the bricks for the door and i worked on the chimney...

i was just past the damper when i took this picture in the afternoon... i worked until it was too dark outside to sort through the bricks and bring them around to the backyard where the kiln is located.  when i quit i was nearly to the roof of the kiln shed.  today jeff will cut the hole for the chimney to go through the roof and complete the job.
jeff also lit the burners for a few minutes last night... when i asked him if there was a technical reason for doing so his reply was...
"because i am a pyromaniac"

my arms and hands are so sore today... the hard brick in the chimney weigh a lot more than your standard fireplace chimney brick.  and the weird thing is the insulating brick in rest of the kiln are like handling styrofoam (and very fragile).
no more whining... time to go back to work.


  1. Whining on the blog really helps I have found, gets me motivated. Looking good.

  2. Good luck with the first firing. I hope you don't get "brick elbow" like I did from toting those heavy bricks.

  3. i hope not too... believe it or not i had a bad case of tendonitis in my elbow about 4 years ago... it was from carrying a WAY too heavy briefcase and grocery bags up to my third floor apartment when i lived in the city. i was too lazy to make two trips and carried everything at once!


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