Sunday, November 28, 2010

the FINAL art journal...

is DONE!  i was having a lazy day today.  it seemed that nothing held my interest and i spent the day doing only the bare essentials (laundry and dishes).  in the late afternoon i decided this was the day that i would finish the art journal project... 11 months late.  this last journal's theme is parallel reality.  last month i made and fired some raku tiles.  i chose one and made rubbings of it in different media - conte crayon, charcoal, cray-pas, and oil pastels.  i also used a variety of papers including tracing paper.  the rubbings were only moderately successful and they were difficult to glue into the journal.  the original tile will be placed within the book for the journal owner to do what she would like with it.

it feels good to get this project behind me... there were months when the themes came at just the right time, they inspired me and helped me work through some difficult emotions.  then there were times (many of them!) that i hit an artistic mental block and i sent off some haphazard material (sorry journal owners).
the plan was always for the group to put together an online forum of photos and discussions (perhaps in the form of a blog?) so that we could see everyone's completed journals.  we are all artists scattered along the east coast.  my own journal came back to me in the mail last week and there is some amazing stuff in there.
if you are a new reader and curious about the journals in this project, search "art journal" in this blog and you will find related posts with pictures of the artwork.

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