Wednesday, December 1, 2010


we ran out of firewood this week... we were so busy this summer and fall we never got around to buying more.  luckily we do have a propane heater in both the house and the studio but i hate sending all my money to the propane company (they get enough just through firing the kiln!).
i found a decent price on seasoned hardwood and they will deliver a little more than a cord on saturday... in the mean time we called someone on craigslist and they delivered a pick up truck load today.  it was only $45 dollars and quite frankly we wanted to see what we could get for 45 bucks... it was hardwood, and did appear to have been cut some time ago but it was wet from being out in the rain we had last night.  it also was lots of small logs. we won't buy wood from them again.  it will get us by these next few days and then we will mix it with the wood that is coming on saturday.  so today i spent stacking wood, which i really don't mind doing at all...

we also fired a bisque kiln today and while i was stacking wood, jeff put up a wall next to the electric kiln to protect it from the weather.  this was something we had put off all summer.

no more trying to remember to cover the kiln with a tarp during bad weather!

so that's about all thats new here at the pottery... pretty dull stuff.


  1. when Gary and I lived near mt. lassen we heated with wood and one fall we rented a uhaul and picked up walnut wood in it which seemed like a bargain at the time, then we had to bring it home and stack it too, then clean out the uhaul, all that wear and tear on our bodies, we have electric heat, propane or that might be cheaper in the long run. Our last house we had natural gas, that was the least expensive.


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