Tuesday, November 16, 2010

first firing of our new kiln

 overall we are happy with the firing... we did have a cold spot that should be corrected with a change in the bag wall.  we also won't load the back as tightly in the next firing.

 one of  my plates with slip & japanese maple leaves

 jeff's large altered bowl... this was a re-fire from the last salt firing.  it was very dry when it came out of the salt kiln and the 2nd firing really juiced it up!

 handled oval baker

another of my oval bakers (left) and a re-fired bowl from the salt kiln

i am heading back out to the studio and finish glazing so we can load this kiln up and fire it again...  only three days to the Celebration of Seagrove of Potters!


  1. All that beautiful work in that little kiln you just built!? I gotta get me one of those, I love the results, very nice!!

  2. I like the refire. I've got a bowl with some unmelted ash I need to refire. I wonder if cone 6 would melt it. It's in an ash glaze at the bottom.

  3. i have only re-fired things in cone 10 so i consulted jeff... he says give it a try, it can't hurt, but he can't guarantee results.

  4. tracy... my kiln in NH was almost 60 cubic feet and it took me forever to fill it after john died, even with jeff's help. i was working part time at pottery and full time at real estate. i think this small kiln will help me test glazes and lead me in the right direction. there are enough big wood/salt kilns in seagrove to satisfy that part of my work for now!

  5. Great results and nice re-fires. So quick you build a kiln and then get to fire, how wonderful.


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