Friday, November 19, 2010

Gala Evening!

tonight was the Gala event for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters... it was a crazy week leading up to this show!  we fired the lil' gas kiln for a second time, set up for the show, unloaded the kiln, packed up more pots... phew... we are tired!
the Gala is a catered, wine & beer, jazz band event where attendees get the first opportunity to purchase our best work.  there was also an auction of collaborative pots made by potters of seagrove.

photos of our booth... the show is in the old Luck's Bean plant... the yellow stripes on the floor are a little distracting... next year we may bring a carpet for uniformity... although i am not sure it will really increase sales.

this is a new glaze combo i started using this spring

slip trailed and sgraffito and/or maple leaf resist dishes

back to the Bean plant at 9am tomorrow... i hear this will be our busiest day!


  1. Best of luck at the show. Regardless of sales, it is beautiful work.

  2. Great display, I agree about the yellow stripe, have good sale.


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