Monday, November 8, 2010


it's been a crazy couple of weeks and i have had little time for blogging.  here are a few pics from the raku workshop that jeff did at the Hillsborough - Deering High School...

students preparing the cans... we use shredded newspaper for the combustible

loading the kiln

playing with fire!!!

beautiful sculptural piece

smokin' hot pots!

we really had a great time doing this workshop... the kids were awesome and very excited about their work... it also gave me the opportunity to fire a few tiles that i made for the FINAL art journal book that i need to complete.  i will post pictures of the last journal when i have it completed... it's the 12 month project that took 23 months to complete.

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  1. Hey looks like it's raku season, I had a big workshop here this weekend too! Great looking work!


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