Monday, December 13, 2010

it's beginning to look a bit like Christmas...

this is the pretty scene we woke up to this morning... i am ok with the snow as long as it doesn't have to be shoveled!

this weekend i worked on berry bowls and some simple round bakers

i have new stuff on etsy as well... orders placed by Wednesday can be shipped in time for Christmas...

wood fired vase... click on the photo to go to my Etsy shop


  1. Oh thank goodness you have only a light dusting of snow. It is going to be cold tonight, 24, that's cold for here.

  2. It definitely looks like Christmas there! What a great shot. It's soooo cold isn't it!!!!

  3. this is my payback for bragging to my NH friends & family about stringing Christmas lights in 70 degree weather!!!
    thank heavens for wood stoves in both log cabins... we have barely used the propane.


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