Tuesday, December 14, 2010

pottery visitors

we spent the first half of our day trying to keep everything, including ourselves warm.  north carolina is still experiencing super cold weather.  we woke up to a frozen well pump.  thankfully it thawed out by about 11:30 am.  jeff spent the afternoon super insulating it.  hopefully we won't have a problem tomorrow.

the second half of the day we had an unexpected visit from Seth Guzovsky and Brad Lail.  Seth and Brad are two very talented potters who are currently serving an apprenticeship with Mark Hewitt in Pittsboro.  we met Brad at a kiln opening at Hewitt's pottery in the late spring and we met Brad Seth at Daniel Johnston's large jar event in October.  we enjoyed a couple of beers and good conversation about pottery and apprenticeships.  these two smart and talented guys are going places.

Seth brought us this sweet tumbler from the last firing at Hewitt's

too bad i had jeff pack up the photography set up or i could have gotten a better picture.  thank you Seth for the generous gift!


  1. pump is frozen AGAIN this morning. i hope it warms up soon... thank you jeff for filling the coffee pot and a few pitchers & pots with water last night!
    ... and i moved south for milder winters.

  2. My mom and her bf just got down to their house in asheville yesterday to meet with huge snow piles and frizin cold weather. They could have seen all that here in NY!


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