Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the last firing of 2010

this morning we unloaded a very warm kiln.  we typically like for it to be cooler but the buyer of the soup tureen was coming to pick it up.  overall we had good results.

jeff had three soup tureens made - one cracked in the bisque and the other two were in this kiln load... the buyer liked them so much that they ended up taking both of them home!

these are the assorted cone monsters from this firing... i added teeth to this bunch!

platter with evergreen impressions and white slip... this one sort of makes me think of SNOW.

speaking of snow... we are heading to NH the day after Christmas and now it sounds like there may be a big snowstorm along the east coast.  i am hoping that it fizzles out!!


  1. gorgeous pots you two, but what are the chances it will, as you say, fizzle out? :)

  2. Great sale. That must've helped make it a nice day.

  3. Beautiful, loved your pendant too.

  4. That evergreen plate is beautiful, but your cone monsters are a RIOT!


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