Monday, December 20, 2010

let's talk about jeff today...

... and i don't mean gossip.  it's all good stuff :o)

he had a special order for a soup tureen.  jeff makes the coolest tureen's and he hasn't done any in a few years.  i am excited to see this one finished.  it is going in the kiln today to be picked up on wednesday... yep, it will still be warm from the firing when it goes to it's new home.

and here is a finished soup tureen from his web site... i really like the matching ladles

check out more of jeff's tureens & casseroles on his website by clicking on the picture above!  and of course you can purchase his work on etsy as well

i got up early to get the wood stove going and make the studio warm and toasty.  time to go make some cone packs for the firing today.  i wonder what kind of creatures they will be this time?


  1. Beautiful tureen and matching ladle, how does he fire the ladle and the glaze not stick to the kiln shelf?

    I saw one of Jeff's cups on another website and it was great, but I can't remember where it was.

  2. Love the soup tureen. Hope you guys have a great Christmas. During this cold December we are breaking in those mugs we got in quite nicely. They are really cool and we are enjoying using them. Thanks again

  3. Linda- he leaves a portion of the ladle unglazed. jeff also builds a clay cradle for the ladle (hey that rhymes!). the cradle is used in both the bisque and glaze firings.


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