Monday, December 6, 2010

new pots!

we unloaded the kiln today and we had mostly good results... a few of the copper reds were a little pink, but all in all it was a good firing.  i will have some new pots to post on etsy in the coming days.

remember when my photographer friend ken came to the northwood, nh studio and tried his hand at throwing pots? well i finally got them fired and i think they came out really nice.  i will send them off to him so he can have them in time for christmas...

i think these are great little cups for a first attempt at the wheel!

and here is a little peek at what i have been working on in the studio today...

i applied white slip to the vase and then carved the oak leaf design... seems i am getting into more tedious work these days!  not sure yet how i will glaze this.


  1. Nice pots, love the color and spotting. Hey you're getting into the tedious work too, very nice, there's something wonderful about just the natural clay without glaze, maybe you'll leave this one natural on the outside.

  2. Your carved vase is beautiful, Michéle!!!! Hope you find the perfect glaze for it!

  3. if i had a salt kiln i would glaze just the inside of the carved vase and let the salt do the rest. may not get to salt fire again until march. can i be that patient???


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