Sunday, December 5, 2010

good wood and wavy ovals

wavy baker - listed on Etsy... and the buyer will get my artichoke dip recipe to bake in it!

yesterday we had a cord of wood delivered by a reputable company... not rednecks who arrive in an 
S-10 blazer towing a trailer made out of an old pick-up truck bed (yes, that is how our $40 dollar mostly wet wood & sticks arrived).  these people had a real truck, the wood was dry and split and here is the BEST part... they came into the gallery and bought lots of pottery!  in the end we pretty much just exchanged checks.

P.S. we fired the gas kiln yesterday, can't wait to peek in later!


  1. you make the best wavy bakers; and baked artichoke dip yummy, hope you have a good firing, don't peak too soon.


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