Saturday, December 18, 2010

the pigs are done... eleven of them... the twelfth didn't make the grade and went into the scrap bucket.  only top quality pork at this studio.

boredom set in so i had to spice a few up... these guys won't get roasted until after the holidays.  speaking of cooking pork,  jeff smoked a pork shoulder outside in the freezing cold this week.  the pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw were to die for!


  1. THE CUTEST things I have ever seen!!

  2. Hey, did Jeff use hickory? I love smoked meat with hickory, Do you have your own smoker? I used to have a little chief and would smoke salmon and trout when I used to go fishing. Yummy. Those pigs are cute, hopefully they bring home the bacon, te he.

  3. thanks Tracey!
    Linda - yes.. jeff used hickory this time because we had a lot of it in our firewood. we have a smoker outside...we try to make it worth the work by smoking a shoulder that we will eat the next day (and the next) and smoking chicken to eat that night for dinner (since it cooks faster). this time we did boneless chicken and it was sooo yummy.

  4. piggies are my biggest seller ever, for 21 years! I love pigs in general, and won't say I am bored with piggy banks, but I vary the styles too and won't wholesale them anymore---I remember jeffy looking at one of my sitting piggies in about 2004 and saying it did not have the same zingy personality as a piggy on my cups, and he had a point: make them fun and zingy!


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