Monday, January 10, 2011

checking things off the list...

prior to the holidays i made a list in my head (i really should put it on paper) of things that i needed get done in the studio.  along with the piggy banks and berry bowls were beads and pendants.  i have a good start on the pigs and berry bowls so this week it is on to the beads...

i am always short on small round beads (they are so boring to make)... i forced myself to make a bunch.  the pierced hearts are something new as well as the fish.  the fish are a little weird, i used a press mold that john made some years back.  i don't really know if there is a market for fish pendants but i guess i will find out!  although they might make cool zipper pulls.  some of these are porcelain, many are stoneware and most of them will get raku fired.
as i was cleaning them up today to get ready to bisque fire, i thought about how long it was going to take to glaze all these damn thing... ugh.

and here is a picture i took this evening of the view outside the studio today...

yep... i think i have brought the new hampshire winter to seagrove, nc!


  1. Did you see the photo a few posts back of all the pendants I made? Well, they all got glazed today, took me 5 hours, have fun!

  2. i did see your pendant picture... 5 hours of glazing only pendants.. ee gads! maybe i don't have as many as you do!!!
    do you brush on all your glazes? i have tried thinning some down and dipping the small round beads to save time but i abandoned that after i had too many with too thin a coating.

  3. AHA! I just asked the same question about the snow in response to your comment on my blog! It sure is pretty though. Be well!

  4. I love those vine arches you guys covered the culvert holes with. Love picture. Welcome back.

  5. jeff gets the credit for the natural trellis... he learned to make them from mark rangonese, a sculptor from vermont who is also a fellow member of the league of nh craftsmen. i am anxious to see how the wild roses climb them this spring!


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