Tuesday, January 11, 2011

food for thought...

more wintry weather here in seagrove, nc... since i knew that black bean soup was on the menu for dinner, i decided it would also be a good day to bake some oatmeal bread to go with it.

this recipe makes two loaves so our wonderful neighbor and cat sitter, Wil Mahan, will be the recipient of loaf number two.
Anne at STARworks garden had an interesting blog post on food vs calories this week.  she talks about how we focus so much on calorie content that we forget about the other aspects of nourishment.  what she says in her post is how i feel about home baked bread... my bread is probably higher in calories than store bought... but we know what goes in it and enjoy the ritual of having a slice hot from the oven with a pat of real butter... not to mention how good the house smells during the whole process... from the yeast when it is rising to baking in the oven.
bon appetit!


  1. We had black bean chili with cornbread last night but that bread of yours sure sounds good!!! It's definitely soup weather isn't it?!
    I love your new header photo :)

  2. I don't think much processed food is good any longer, I'm looking into how to make gluten free bread, I have some rice flour now.

  3. Meesh, seems like many of us potters dig baking too!

  4. Good-looking loaves. I'm sure Wil will enjoy it. Levi made two loaves last night and I couldn't wait to have two slices with my coffee this morning.


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