Saturday, January 22, 2011

i bet you wish you were HERE today...

today was day one of our first workshop in our seagrove studio... jeff is the presenter and i am the assistant and all around general hostess and go-fer girl.  this is one that jeff has taught many times at his nh studio as well as on road at various schools...
sounds like an exciting trip doesn't it?  the workshop starts with a throwing demo and if you have never seen jeff throw pots on the wheel then you will be amazed at his speed and skill.

three pulls to get a pot this size... AMAZING!

most of jeff's pots are thrown and altered (they look like they are dancing!).  after an altering demo, participants went to work on altering pots that jeff had ready to be attacked...

everyone came up with some cool ideas and utilized texture tools that we provided or had brought along with them.  tomorrow everyone gets the opportunity to throw pots on the wheel (practicing that three pull style) as well as more demos and hands-on altering.
we are so happy to have such a smart, talented and humorous group of people share our studio this weekend!
stayed tuned for tomorrow's update!

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