Thursday, January 20, 2011

still in a funk...

what the hell needs to happen for me to snap out of it?  today i got done only what was absolutely needed (and that isn't saying much).  yesterday i was at least motivated by the gorgeous weather.  jeff and i spent the day on the porch unpacking boxes and generally cleaning up the mess we had made in October and November when we utilized it as a glazing area.  we were pleased with ourselves at the end of the day and it was a treat for this new england girl to be outside working in 60 degree weather on January 19th!!!

 a couple of random pics for your viewing pleasure...

jeff's BIG POT
this wheel is located near the door and jeff had this big guy spinning all day so that it would firm up enough to work on.  when i came through the door i thought someone was standing in the corner, moving about... gave me quite a startle!

here is a little pot that sits in front of the kitchen window:

a sweet little covered jar that has john's stamp (JZ on the right) and bill van Gilder's on the left.  i have few pots around the cabin that came from the time the two of them worked together.  definitely can see the Byron Temple influence.


  1. I was in a funk too... I tell ya what worked to get me out of the funk. I blasted my favorite music and danced around the living room with the dogs for ten minutes. :)

  2. Interesting to have the pot spinning to firm up. If I was in a funk I wouldn't get anything done.

  3. I'm not getting a lot done either, just too cold. It's a nice time to sort and plan and clean. We need that time too, maybe we will all thaw out soon! Very sweet little pot :)

  4. JZ had worked with Bill VG too? Dang, neato! And Jeffy sure does have a mighty big pot going there. Sorry Jeffy, its not the size of the pot, its how you use it...
    OK, sorry. I am not in a funk and it is funking cold and snowy. Should I be in a funk? Don't answer that. Go get some raspberries. They are expensive but magic :)

  5. yep... jz and bvg worked together in the 80's. we have treated ourselves to blueberries and strawberries in the past two weeks. expensive but YUMMY!
    and i am feeling less funky today :o)

  6. Or Gary... it's how it uses you....

    I keep the pot spinning so it drys evenly with the warm air blowing on it. If I were more energetic(and didn't have 20 other thing to do) I would use my raku burner on it.

  7. Not so much a funk as much as it being too cold. I waited until 1 today to go out to the studio and work, and it was still below 30 degrees. I forced myself to do berry bowls because they are fairly mindless to throw. The thought of spending time to be creative just isn't happening.


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