Friday, January 14, 2011

i hate making lids

i know hate is a strong word so perhaps i should say i dislike making lids.  i try to avoid it as much as possible.  jeff keeps telling me to make more and eventually i won't find it so frustrating.  i know he is right... i remember many, many years ago saying how i hated to pull handles and now i LIKE pulling handles (most days).
here is this week's attempt at a lidded jar

i made two lids and they both fit!


  1. I'm not a big fan of lids either... all that measuring and *hoping* that it looks good... but isn't it nice when they do look good? :)

  2. I hated to pull handles! :-))) But I don´t have problems with lids. Your piece is beautiful. Great blog! I´m following you now. Acácia (from linkedin)

  3. MEESH! jeffy has amazing skills and experience doesn't he? How do you guys make the awesome stamped and textured impressions? Do you make a bisque stamp and do it wet or half hard or leather hard? Just gorgeous :)

  4. thanks gary! most of jeff's textures are done with a gear tool that he made and seashells. mine are stamps that were made of clay and bisque fired. i like to stamp my designs when the clay is firm enough to handle but not so firm that you have to press really hard or risk cracking. i like the impressed areas to have a fluid look to them... something i am constantly working towards!

  5. Michelle.....
    Jeff is a mutant. Maybe an alien or something. Pots, including lids, just spring from his fingertips. Don't feel bad. I don't like making lids either. I used to, but then I used to make a lot of pots with lids back then too.

  6. tom! i think you are right... jeff's clay talents are extraterrestriall!


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