Thursday, January 13, 2011

groceries, pizza and working to stay warm...

yesterday we took a break in the afternoon and headed to greensboro to explore some grocery stores.  upon the recommendation of a few people we went the the Super G.  Super G is a big asian market that is jammed packed with produce, fish, meats, tofu, spices and every noodle available under the sun!  from there we went to Earth Fare - beautiful store, great produce... very expensive.  Super G on the other hand was very affordable... but of course it isn't an organic store.  After Earth Fare we wandered across the street to Total Wine and more... i have to say they have a better selection than any wine shop i have been in... everything from cheap jug wine to the expensive stuff.  i enjoy un-oaked chardonnay and they had many to choose from.
we didn't get home until after 9pm but that didn't stop me from making a quick pizza...

it came out perfect!  onions, broccoli, pepperoni and sausage

there will be no slacking off today... we had a wood delivery yesterday

this pile needs to be stacked behind the studio...

so we can feed this beast to keep us warm while we make pots.  i hope everyone has a great day and that all my new hampshire friends and family are shoveled out from the 20" of snow that mother nature dumped on them yesterday... our 2" of snow and ice in seagrove doesn't seem so bad now does it?


  1. Wish I had some good groceries around me, none in this county, Ocala has Aldi which is bulk stuff but the state has no Trader Joes as all. organic pickup is ok but I am finding it is expensive for what I get.

  2. there is an Aldi in Asheboro, but i have never been in... i will have to check it out. there are TJ's in NC but it is a drive to get there. we even brought some stuff back from NH that we can't buy here.

  3. Next time you're in Greensboro, try Deep Roots, a small co-op grocery store on Spring Garden, near the intersection of Wendover.
    How's that wood. I got two loads from the same guy. He said he delivered to you yesterday. I'm hoping it's seasoned enough for the wood kiln. Nice-looking pizza.

  4. Michael - thanks for the grocery store tip!
    we haven't burned any of the wood yet... just spent the afternoon stacking it. it seems pretty dry and at least it is split to a good size. our last load from someone else was horrible... most was too big for the vermont castings so we could only use it in the studio. also a lot of rotten and buggy wood.
    i am not used to buying wood this way... when i burned wood in nh we would order a grapple load a year ahead, split and stack it ourselves (we had a wood splitter). still was a lot of work!


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