Sunday, January 30, 2011

a productive day at last

yesterday i spent the entire day in the studio either waiting on customers in the gallery or working on pots.  aside from a studio cleaning day two weeks ago i think it was my most productive day in 2011.
june perry has a great video by cory lum on her blog.  i spent the morning making some mini dishes using this technique...

by early evening they were ready to have the edges smoothed over so they are already stamped and finished.  i used the top block of a wooden meat tenderizer to impress these.

this was a wood block mold that my friend steve had made in 2007 for john.  i didn't have as much success with it as the meat tenderizer.  i will give it another go today with clay that is a little thicker and not so soft.  i wasn't thrilled with the lace texture either.
i had not used this mold before and when i turned it over there was a little surprise underneath...

john had written the year and the day's temperature on the mold.  this was so like him, to chronicle little things like the weather by writing them down in unusual places.

to round out the day, two more teapots were completed...


  1. Great video I am going to try this Great plates; I was thinking of making test tiles but I might as well make something useful and if the tests are nice I can use them. I use a metal meat tenderizer for meat, never like the wood ones because of contaimination of bacteria contained in the wood. I remember tenderizing abalone in California, now that needed some tenderizing, but boy was it worth it.

  2. Oh your teapots are looking good too, we cleaned up our garage today and it took all day along; was very warm, but I understand some big storms are coming up soon again.

  3. wicked awesome teapots grrrrrl :) btw, I tried stamping, a la jeffy % Meesh and was not sure what I thought of the one experiemnt but now outta the glaze firing: WOWIE! I'll do a post on ya'lls this week and let you know :)
    RIP sweet JZ, amen.....

  4. linda- we use a stainless meat tenderizer in the house as well... that whole bacteria thing creeps me out!

  5. GARY! can't wait to see your stamping experiment!!!

  6. working out awesomely, post on you and jeffy Tuesday :)

  7. gary... can't wait to get out of bed tomorrow to read your post!


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