Monday, January 31, 2011

taking the slab dishes a few steps further

stamped the interior and cut the rim with my faceting thingy from mud tools...

added some little feet...

and the end result...

on to rectangles tomorrow!


  1. I had to go down to Dunedin gallery today to pick up the few pieces which didn't sell and I was thinking about these trays and adding feed all day long, can't wait to try them out, love the feet you used.

  2. Always rethinking the original design... always another way to look at things.

  3. I had a teacher show me this technique for making trays a few years ago and my jaw dropped, so simple and such instant gratification. It was always the first thing I showed my beginner students so they could make something wonderful quickly. Of course theirs looked nothing like these, I love your edges and stamping, these are a great interpretation of a simple process taken to the next level!


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