Thursday, January 6, 2011

put the lime in the coconut...

last week jeff and i spent new year's day visiting my brother and his girlfriend at their new home in New Ipswich, NH.  it is a very quaint antique cape with a workshop, horse barn and green house... it is absolutely perfect for them.

shortly after we arrived my brother said to me... "did you hear that Diane Nilsson was the owner of this house before us?"  my reaction was "oh my god... did you know she ran over my dog when i was living in Wilton?".
Diane was once married to singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson who is best known for that song in the 70's "coconut".  during the 90's when i was living in Wilton, NH she lived down the road from us... i was running with my dog Misty who got away from me, crossed the road and ran directly in front of Diane's car.  the dog survived with some minor leg injuries and it was always a good story that Misty had been run over by Harry Nilsson's ex-wife.  i knew that she put her house in Wilton on the market in the late 90's but i didn't know where she went... i guess i assumed back to california where she had come from.  she had moved to Wilton so that her children could attend High Mowing, a private Waldorf school in town. she must have liked NH and decided to move to neighboring New Ipswich.
unfortunately Diane died a little over a year ago and my brother purchased the home from her estate.  back in november jeff and i watched a netflix documentary about Nilsson and Diane was in it... of course that is when jeff heard about the whole dog incident.
sort of a strange story to start the new year... and it has absolutely nothing to do with making pots.


  1. HA! OK, this has little to do with this post, except that we lived in Ashburnham, Mass years ago quite near New Ipswich before we moved up to Hillsboro :) ANYWAY, the wife and I were looking at your and Jeffy's work from your gallery in the header, did Kalajian make those hooks? I hope so, he is such a great friend of ours. (and Jeffy's) AND I was thinking of Jeff earlier today, as I have one of his mugs front and center in my studio's museum :) Please tell Jeff we were thinking about him and his fine workmanship and yours too!

  2. very familiar with ashburnham... my daughters boyfriends parents live there.
    the hooks in our gallery were made by a local seagrove blacksmith... they were here when we moved in.
    BUT... our toilet paper holder here in the log cabin is by Kalajian :-)
    also in the header are a couple of jz's mini teapots, mug and a garlic keep.
    i will send your compliments along to jeffy!

  3. I may be mistaken but wasn't it Nilson who sang the love anthem "Can't Live if Living is without You" A much better song and so intense with emotion Well I just checked the Goog and I was correct Harry also sang "Everybody's Talkin at Me" no wonder this story sparks familiar memories with us older persons Thanks for the memories Meesha

  4. he also did the song "me and my arrow" for the cartoon "the point" and the theme song for the old tv series with bill bixby "the courtship of eddies father". the documentary we got from netflix was very good... you should see it if you get a chance.

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