Sunday, January 23, 2011

workshop day two...

the pictures say it all...

making tea bowls to alter

now here's an innovative idea... use the mats from the floor of your truck to texture your pots!
how cool is THAT?!

working on faceted tea bowls

every good pot needs a spank every now and again!

... the second best part of the workshop is that i made pizza for the lunch break today :-)

jeff and i really enjoyed the weekend, meeting new people and sharing ideas.  we are already planning to do a raku workshop next month... most likely the weekend of February 5th... one long day, either Saturday or Sunday.  let me know if you are interested!


  1. I missed that you were having a workshop there, how wonderful in your new space that looked like fun. I have a special car matt I use or maybe it's a plastic bath matt anyway, Gary accuses me of requisitioning everything for clay.

  2. oooooh, Raku workshop! Sounds like fun, this one looked like a great success. I used to love seeing what my students would come up with for textures, always gave me great ideas. I used to have my kids class make stamps from the imprints on their shoes. That was fun!

  3. jeff = the coolest pottery teacher indeed :)

  4. Ouida discovered the car mat texture on drive to the workshop... she had to stop quick for a dog in the road, her pot fell onto the mat... she decided to bring the mat in and just go with it!

  5. Love the car mat effect!
    Take the idea you are given and run with it!

    Hi, by the way ! (via Gary's Pottery Blog)


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