Wednesday, February 16, 2011

little copycat pots

after making saucers for berry bowls i had a couple of small pieces of clay left.  i decided to throw some little pots... and to be a copycat:

i had some fun using jeff's textures

and here is the real deal:

this is one of my favorite jeff brown cups.  it was gift from him a number of years ago... perfect for drinking wine.

jeff fired the gas kiln yesterday and from what i can see through the peeps it looks good.  can't wait to un-brick the door tomorrow.


  1. I don't see it as copying, more using them as inspiration...a starting point.
    Even if you try and copy, physically and mentally you are different, so the pots come out different

  2. gosh I'd love to see what that gizmo looks like...

  3. Yes, that cup is sweet. If I'm not mistaken, Jeff likes to use one of the roller blades from an old pencil sharpener. I tried that once but never got a result anywhere near as nice as his.


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