Sunday, February 13, 2011

odds & ends... that's what this weekend has been like.

two days ago jeff and i found crocus's in bloom in the front of our gallery... for a new hampshire girl to see a crocus in february is pretty exciting!  i ran into the house for the camera to snap some pics to post on facebook and make my northern friends envious.  out the gallery door i went, camera in hand, when all of a sudden like a bar of soap it slipped out of may hand onto to floor of the porch.  that was the end of my canon powershot A510.  it took great pictures and it was sad to see it broken.  on the bright side, since that camera was purchased, prices have dropped and megapixels increased.  the old A510 was only 3.2 megapixels.  i replaced it with an A495 with 10 megapixels for only $79.  i snapped some pics tonight in the studio but the real test will be tomorrow when i take some pics of work with the back drop and lighting set up.

we are going to fire our gas kiln this week so i thought i would share my tip for waxing the gallery of casseroles... i always have a fear of dripping some wax into the bottom.  i solved that problem by lining the inside with newspaper.

here are some bowls i have been finishing up this weekend... slips applied on the interiors and then the designs are carved through.

might save most of these for a salt firing with a friend in the near future.  damn i wish we had a salt kiln!


  1. I always have a fear of using a wax brush for glaze, I try to keep them separate and label them. Most times I don't use wax at all though, perhaps my glaze lines would be neater if I did. Ha.

  2. i use hot wax whenever i can because it gives you a clean line. the liquid wax i use on galleries and anything that won't fit into the hot wax pan. i definitely have separate brushes for glazing, hot waxy and liquid wax.


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