Friday, February 11, 2011

consumed by jewelry making

jeff and i have spent the last day and a half making jewelry... jeff created the earrings above with two of my raku beads and 20 gauge copper wire.  jeff made lots of jewelry when he was in high school and he has been teaching me some techniques.

these are some that i put together myself... i figured i should start out simple!  i am going to send these off to my daughter in NH for valentines day.
i listed the collaborative earrings on my etsy shop

back into the pottery studio today... lots of bowls are waiting to be trimmed!


  1. lovely!

    Just a thought, how would those sit with those of us who react to nickel?

    I have to have gold or silver earrings, some people can only wear gold.

  2. thanks you!

    i have no clue about reactions... right now i can't afford to buy silver and gold... we are doing too much experimentation with design. at least when you screw up the copper it isn't a huge financial loss. we do plan to purchase silver once we get the designs and measurement down pat. i don't really have an interest in gold.

  3. We seem to be on parallel paths! I took some round turquoise beads out of the kiln the day you posted pics of yours and I spent all day today making pendants for Etsy. I had to babysit the co op gallery I am working with so it was a good day to make some jewelry during the slow times. I have not made earrings, but a lot of people buy my pendants and make them.

  4. Hey, that was not Wesley, it was me! She was using my computer and didn't log out of her google account! If you go to a bead supply shop the silver findings are not that much and you will sell those great designs quick enough to pay for the findings. I know a lot of people that would not be able to wear them unless they were silver or gold, me and Wesley both get infections from earrings very easily. There is a bead shop here in Carrboro that has very affordable findings. I love the wire wrappings, beautiful!

  5. hey tracey... i was wondering who that was! thanks for the tip on the bead shop in carrboro, i will have to check it out. i think the copper wrapped earrings might look odd with silver hooks but the other earrings would have looked great with silver.

  6. It's kinda like glazes isn't it? the glazes I like want to be on dark clay, I like white clay.... it's always something!


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