Monday, February 21, 2011

quiet weekend at the pottery

not much going on here to blog about this week.  we are enjoying the spring-like weather, making pots and doing some yard work.  being a northerner i am TOTALLY enjoying the flowers that are already blooming here in seagrove...

above are a couple of jane kaufmann orbs and a finger puppet sculpture that jeff and i have the pleasure of owning... they look great being photographed with the spring blooms.

tracey broome has been posting pics of buildings that inspire her to build a new studio.  her photographs made me think of the little playhouse that is nestled in the woods of the yard here in seagrove.  it's an adorable little house that the mahan kid's played in as children.  i think i will plant some flowers around it this spring.  it really is an adorable little house... and it is painted purple!  such a contrast to the log cabins that we live and work in.
life is good and i am happy to be here in north carolina :-)

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