Monday, February 7, 2011

seeing beads in my sleep...

this round of beads is finally finished!  yesterday i raku fired and spent half of today cleaning and polishing beads.  i am sure the average buyer has no idea how much work goes into raku beads... they have to be handled so many times.  this go around i made lots of very small accent beads, it's seems that is what i am always short on... because they are a pain in the neck to make and fire!

we had an issue with alligator glaze yesterday... it seems that the gerstley borate just isn't right.  it came from Laguna... has anyone else out there had problems with it? it had little or no color and peeled off the pots.   jeff tested a ball of it in the kiln and it didn't melt.  i was glad that i had only glazed a few things with it.
no problems with the turquoise glaze...

check out my etsy shop... i have this vase listed as well as some new heart pendants (just in time for VD!).


  1. LIKE- I thought you were sleeping ALL day!

  2. almost EVERY night this week i was dreaming about glazing the damn things... a monotonous and repetitive dream. now that it is over maybe i could sleep all day...

  3. Oh how beautiful they all are, what is the large piece in the pile of beads on the lower left hand? Is that a large pendant? I didn't see that vase on etsy, have to go back and look again.

  4. you didn't see the vase on etsy because it sold shortly after i listed it....YAHOO!
    the large piece has a funny story behind it... my friend Diana's husband had hernia surgery just b4 christmas. after the surgery he no longer had a belly button. he told the kids he wanted a belly button for christmas. diana asked if i could make a belly button christmas ornament. it was too close to christmas so i said i would make a valentine belly button ornament! it's a heart with a belly button and on the back she asked me to inscribe it with "long lost lint catcher" . i shipped it to NH yesterday :o)


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