Thursday, February 10, 2011

stringing them beads...

here is the first round of pendants...

i have these pretty little hearts listed in my etsy shop!

i really like the copper flashing on this one... unfortunately it had stuck to another bead in the firing so there is a small flaw near the hole.  i sanded the area down and colored it in with a black sharpie.  it is now barely noticeable.  i won't list it on etsy because of the flaw, i could put it out in the gallery here where people would be able to really see it and decide for themselves... i am sort of leaning on keeping it for myself.  i can be a walking advertisement for my pendants!
and now for something completely unrelated...

sophie loves her computer time (and jeff time as well!)


  1. Great beads, I like that copper one too, what did you do with the copper wire? love the cat with Jeff.

  2. The cat and the LT; too cute! Love your new 'bus' header too!


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