Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Large Pots

the newest big guy is done!  jeff has plans to salt glaze this one... eventually we will get the front window position in the new co-op gallery and won't this look great there?

it's been a weird week, jeff's been knocked down by a doozy of cold and which means he hasn't slept much at night and my sleep pattern is now a little off... our days have not been too productive.  we were supposed to be firing the gas kiln today, but that has been put off until tomorrow.  my glazing is done, jeff is working on his now.  shortly i will start loading.
on the bright side... traffic is picking up here in Seagrove and people have been buying pots!  we also have both had some good etsy sales in the last few weeks.
i am feeling upbeat about spring and the weather at the end of the week is supposed to be in the 70's!


  1. Such a positive attitude, it is contagious. Let the sales roll in.

  2. Big is good and sales are great.

  3. I'm visualizing my new ash glazes on this 75 pound vessel. testing more in this firing.


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