Monday, March 14, 2011

uncommon clay

yesterday afternoon a sweet couple from Ohio stopped in at the pottery.  the wife told us that they decided to first visit Seagrove a number of years ago after she had read the book Uncommon Clay by Margaret Maron.  the book came out in 2001, about a year before i started taking pottery classes with Jeff at the NH Institute of Art. the book is a mystery and centers around the divorce of a pottery couple in Seagrove who have been married for nearly 25 years. 
well wouldn't you know... Jeff had a copy of the book and actually found it in the first box he opened!    it looks like a quick read and i think i will take some down time today and get into the story.  it was fun to read the acknowledgements at the front of the book since they are mostly people i have met since moving to the 'grove.
i think we need a lazy day after the very busy weekend.  the beautiful weather brought out the shoppers and in between waiting on them we loaded and fired the bisque kiln, did some gardening and finished up some pots.  we are enjoying the spring here and everyday something new is blooming...

...and my anole friends were out and about basking in the sunshine!


  1. It is a fun, fast read! Sounds like you got a lot done this weekend. Wasn't yesterday wonderful, wish I had been outside all day long.

  2. What great photos, I'll have to look that book up I don't think I've read it.

  3. Lovely lizard...I must do some lizard knobs again.

  4. I spent as much time as I could outside yesterday- seems my brain needed that sunshine.
    The book- there are better- I was not happy with how she wrote this one and I use to be a big fan of her books- but no spoiler here I would just read her others, the early ones.

  5. the book was entertaining and i finished it in a day and a 1/2... i think i will go to the library and find some of here earlier ones

  6. Michelle I have a bunch of earlier ones if you want them to borrow them. Uncommon Clay was more fun for those that recognied her characters I think! I an happy to lend you her others!


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