Thursday, March 31, 2011

some times you gotta take the good with the bad...

 i haven't had time to post about the last firing because we unloaded the kiln and packed up to head to NCECA in Tampa.  here i am in our hotel room at 12:30 at night, tweaking a few pics and writing a quick post.  jeff decided to crash cool the kiln to see if his copper reds would be a little more red... no luck.  the only thing it did was make his matte green glaze go glossy.  it wasn't horrible but it wasn't the intended result.  we had a new ash glaze that got too runny if it wasn't applied exactly right.  we have a few shelves to grind when we get home.  i lost two large (for me) vases.
on the bright side, the shino's were beautiful...

and here is an example of the ash glaze turning out just the way it was intended...

that's it for now... stayed tuned for updates on my NCECA adventure!


  1. oooh love em both...doing some green ash at the mo too :)) can't wait to see some NCECA stuff...

  2. Those turned out beautiful, thanks for the wall pocket, I posted a photo today and borrowed a Jeff pot for my blog post hope he doesn't mind, take lots of photos at NCECA, Gary has a job interview today so we can't come down today.

  3. Love that ash glaze! nice photo of you over on Linda's blog, have fun in the Florida sunshine, maybe bring some back this way!

  4. The ash glaze is especially lovely. Looks like a cross between the modified Phil Rogers Standard Ash that I use and a McKenzie recipe I've seen. I'd be very happy with that result.


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