Monday, April 4, 2011

NCECA 2011 Part One

we arrived home last night from a very exciting trip to the Tampa, FL, NCECA.  we drove to Florida and the first night we stayed with Linda & Gary Starr at their home in Lecanto, FL.
 as many of you know, Linda is also a ceramic artist and we met via blogging.  she gave us the idea and lots of advice about purchasing a retired school bus to move the long distance from NH to NC.  this picture is Linda and Gary with their "treasure bus" in the background.
the next morning we drove straight to St. Petersburg for a kiln opening at St. Petersburg Clay Company.

this picture makes me laugh... it looks like Chris Gustin is being served appetizers from his seat.

Chris Gustin (left) and Don Reitz (right) pots, fresh from the anagama... so exciting to see!!!!

i don't know who made this but the textures are certainly amazing

St. Petersburg Clay Company is in an old train station (left) above is a sculpture that stands in the kiln area...

they even have a wood fired pizza oven!!!!

i really liked these wood fired fish

Don Reitz and Cynthia Bringle were there too!

a Christ Gustin pot emerges from the kiln...

that's all for today, i will post more NCECA pics tomorrow... i need to get into the studio.  i am super-charged to get back to work... and some cool new tools came home with us and i have to try them out.


  1. How cool, we don't often get photos with the two of us together. That one pot is huge and I also like those fish, I like the textured sculpture, it looks like what happens to shells after being under water for years. St. Pete's clay is a great place, isn't it, so many kilns and such a big facility, I wish I lived closer to there.

  2. What fun! And I agree, that texture sculpture looked like something found in the ocean. Neat!

  3. The big doorway sculpture has to be Peter King. One of the best architectural ceramic artist. check out his website

  4. Charan- i checked out Peter King's site and it sure does look like his work.


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