Tuesday, April 26, 2011

back to reality...

after a fun weekend of visitors it was time to get back to work on monday.  i just couldn't get into the groove.  i need to make piggy banks but the bodies just weren't looking the way i wanted them too, jeff says i was being too critical.... rather than get totally frustrated i abandoned the pigs for the day and moved on to some slump molded dishes and then finished some cake stands that i started last week...

today i woke up with a new attitude.  after working some more on slump molded plates and throwing a few pig bodies, i decided to get to work pugging clay.  we had gotten sooooo far behind with recycling clay.  we didn't have the pug mill set up until just about 6 weeks ago which means we had nearly a years worth of scraps to recycle and pug.  jeff and i worked together and pugged a few hundred pounds of clay... we are finally caught up with recycling!!!  i have to say i do enjoy the physical aspect of the process... and the fresh new tubes of clay all stacked up and ready to throw make me feel good about the hard work.
of course i may feel differently in the morning when my arm feels like it is ready to fall off!


  1. Your slump molded plates are so perfect, I love those leaves you use too. none of the molds I have for plates work very well and I do like decorating plates, maybe I need to find something else to use. Hope your arm isn't too sore.

  2. all of my round plates are wheel thrown... as are the cake stands (in two parts). i have molds for a large square plate, a hexagonal and then a couple of square shallow dishes. i will snap some pics of my molds some time.

  3. pottery = good exercise :) awesome plates there gal!

  4. I can so relate to one of "those days"!! I do the same thing- step away from the wheel and pick up my handbuilding or something completely different. Like you, getting organized or recycling a load of clay can be very good for my soul...it's not always on the wheel. That said, when I am having a bad day on the wheel I totally beat myself up and resist stepping away (??!!). I still have so far to grow!!
    Thanks for the post, helps me not feel so alone ;)


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