Monday, May 30, 2011

envelope forms

back to work on ovals... since these are narrow i have been referring to them as envelope forms.

decided to do the leaves and slip decoration on these, typically i stamp them like the one on the left. this morning i threw the parts so i can assemble a few more tomorrow. i have an idea in my head about adding some little feet to the next ones.

finished up a few large bowls today. it's been so humid that these took forever to get to trimming consistency. i wonder how long before they will be dry enough to bisque? no a/c in the studio :-(


  1. It's a leaf kind of a day, Ha, those look good, feet would be good too. I always like feet because I can get the glaze to go right to the bottom and leave the feet unglazed if I want.

  2. you need a/c.
    we went over 20 years without having it in the house,but put it in our work area the 3rd summer we were in business.
    It's a must have! I did not run mind today but Isure did when galzing this weekend.

  3. I noticed that you have been following my site (thanks for that), so I thought I would pop across and see what you do. I have been reading lots of your posts, and love your work and your writing. I also admire you both for setting off on your great adventure in the bus too, and settling in NC. (Wish it were possible for me to do the same... ). I have put a link to your site from mine, and look forward to dropping by on a regular basis.

  4. I like those oval forms, can't wait to see them all glazed and fired!


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