Saturday, May 14, 2011

the gypsy potters road trip

i am in New Hampshire... and it's cold here! it was sunny when we arrived late yesterday and it was about 68 degrees. this morning is overcast and and about 48 degrees. 

we travelled in the gypsy potter bus so we can empty the storage unit...
we picked up a rental car when we arrived since parking this thing can be tricky and then there is always the price of fuel. most of the trip we are staying with our friend Roni who lives on Bow Lake. her home is a short drive down the road from the little home we had been renting on the lake prior to the big move south. it did feel like coming home as we drove the windy road around along the lake to Roni's. it is beautiful here on Bow Lake...

to avoid homesickness all i have to do is look at this picture of my last winter in NH...

there is a Don Reitz exhibition opening today at Lacoste Gallery in Concord, MA. if we are lucky will have time to drive down this afternoon to see it and maybe hear his gallery talk. 
on monday i get to spend the day with my daughter Danielle... can't wait to see her!!!


  1. my goof... Don Reitz gallery talk is tomorrow but the reception is today.

  2. I found a new source for goat cheese- closer then the place I took you last time.
    Eat a lobster for me please.

  3. Oh that Bow Lake looks beautiful, have a great visit and drive careful back. you guys and your bus are well travelled.


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