Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pizza, sea creatures and a rant for the day.

we had a great time in NH but it is always good to be home and sleeping in your own bed. the other thing we miss when we are away is cooking. last night i made a really yummy pizza...

grilled chicken, broccoli, artichoke hearts, onions, sundried tomatoes, black olives & feta cheese!

i listed this funky sea creature bank on Etsy today... i have been a little lazy with listings and need to get  back on track... speaking of Etsy...
at the beginning of April i had an Etsy sale for a mug. i was pleasantly surprised that it was a woman i worked with many years ago. she was paying by check and since it was someone that i knew i went ahead and shipped the mug before i received the check. BIG MISTAKE!!!! here it is the end of may and still no check. i sent her a reminder early on and i didn't get a response. i then said that if she was short on cash she could pay me 1/2 now and 1/2 later. days went by and no response. when i finally heard from her she was all apologies and said she loves the mug and put the check in the mail that morning. a week went by and no check. she no longer answers my convo's, e-mails or facebook mesages. i felt like i had no choice but leave a negative review on her Etsy profile. more so than being out $26 i am very hurt that someone that i KNOW would screw me out of the money. the icing on the cake was when two weeks ago she posted on facebook that she was going to disney world for the week. i wonder if she can truly enjoy using a mug that she never paid for?
i needed to rant about this, i learned a lesson and it's time to let it go.


  1. You know this really sucks!! I made a mistake with my first Etsy sale and the credit card did not go through. The sale went to New Zealand, it was a $40 purchase. I emailed the girl and told her I screwed up and if she was not comfortable trying to put her credit card through again I understood, it was my mistake. A week later, I got an email from Etsy saying that the sale had been redone. Some woman I don't even know in New Zealand can pay up even when she didn't have to, I would think this woman should as well. She should be ashamed of herself!!!!

  2. I think I'll stick with pay pal and cash locally. Too much hassel otherwise. It truly is funny that perfect strangers are trustworthy and sometimes acquaintances or those we "know" are not, but that's true for more than sales I think. Glad you made it back safely.

  3. what an absolutely horrible story Meesh! I trusted a customer at Christmas for 95 bucks and it took WEEKS of BS before i got paid...so, basically, maybe the rule is: get paid first :)

  4. on numerous occasions we had customers here in seagrove that only had a credit card with them (we don't have a credit card machine). we took their info down and they mailed us a check - Linda you are right, you can sometimes trust strangers more than "friends".


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