Saturday, June 25, 2011

hey... what's that up in that tree?

... Jeff Brown of course!
about two weeks ago we had a thunderstorm with strong winds. it snapped a BIG limb on the sycamore tree that is between the studio and our home. it didn't snap it off entirely, it was still attached, somewhat, to the main trunk of the tree. we were on the fence as to wether or not Jeff could cut it down or if we should call the professionals. last night Jeff decided he could handle it.

you can't tell from the pictures, but a very large limb was resting on the farmers porch on the log cabin we live in. thankfully it didn't do any damage to the porch. i was nervous as hell with Jeff up in that tree but he managed to cut the limb and drop it using his reciprocating saw and a winch.

i was relieved when the limb and Jeff were down safely!

on another note... we hosted a raku workshop today that was lots of fun... a totally different experience than we are used to... but that's a blog post for another day when i am not so wiped out from all the fun.


  1. Gerry did this when the tree fell on our car. I hate it when he goes up on the roof or up in a tree! he's a rock climber, but still... it's scary to watch from the ground!

  2. That is scary especially when the limb is partially connected, glad he's down safely, can't wait to hear about your raku workshop.

  3. My kids used to climb that tree a lot.


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