Thursday, June 23, 2011

here is your warning... if it drives you nuts when people brag about their kids & grandkids, stop reading now!

my daughter, Danielle, flew to Missouri this morning. she will spend three days helping the ASPCA find forever homes for 600 pets that have been displaced due to the devastating tornado they recently experienced. Danielle works as director of adoptions at the Bedford, NH Animal Rescue League as well as occasionally teaching courses around the country for the ASPCA. i am proud that she is willing to give up time out of her busy schedule to help the orphaned pets of Missouri. her love and compassion for animals is truly amazing.

Danielle and my "grand dog" Bizzy the boxer

danielle called me one day (over 10 years ago) to say i should come to the shelter and see this beautiful little kitten... all of her siblings had gone to new homes and she was the last one. i had recently lost my little dog Misty to cancer and was really missing her... needles to say, Sophie came home with me that day!


  1. it's okay to share about your kids- we have lives outside the studios.

  2. how wonderful, those animals are so lucky your daughter is helping them.

  3. What nice pictures. That is a great one of Danielle snowshoeing!

  4. That's worth bragging about. I'm impressed, too.


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