Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a new blanket...

for the kiln...

last fall when we built this baby kiln we covered the arch with ceramic fiber that we had on hand. we knew we needed at least another layer but we didn't get around to doing it until this week. we were happy to find a reasonably priced source of fiber from a foundry in nearby Biscoe. jeff also covered it with wire lathe to keep it in place. the NH kiln was covered with a vermiculite mix that was a real pain in the a$$ to remove when we disassembled it.
yesterday was the first firing with the new blanket. we fired in 11 hours, holding it back at the end a little. the temperature was still at 1200 degrees late morning so i would say the fiber is doing its job! i peeked in a little while ago and we have some good looking shinos.

here is the latest pig to hit the Etsy shop...

the pigs seem to sell on Etsy, i shipped a shino pig to a new home yesterday.
time to unload the bisque kiln and get busy glazing, we need to fire the gas kiln again as soon as we get it unloaded.

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  1. A potter's work is never done, cute blue pig, can't wait to see those shinos.


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