Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the results are in...

overall we had a good firing with nice reduction... most of this kiln was Jeff's pots to take the League fair in NH next week, but i did get a few pots in there...

i am very happy with the slip trailed pots. my daughter's friends had a new baby last week so the plate on the left and mug are gifts for them. i had a few extra plates and decided to finish one for my great niece Arianna as well.
i had an order for a spoon jar to finish... as soon as you say the work "order" glazes start to act up! i fired three spoon jars in the red and shino combo and only one of them was acceptable...

pin holing... ICK! the jars are also not as red as i like them to be, but the buyer thought she wouldn't mind if they were light.

the successful one!


  1. Wow, that slip trailing is amazing and I like that red, it seems almost a chun red.

  2. thank you guys!
    Linda - the red really isn't my thing. it's jeff glaze and it is too persnickety for me and i am not fond enough of red to put up with it!

  3. special commissions always do that!


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