Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the pots are out!

last night we unloaded the groundhog kiln...

unfortunately Jeff's big pot cracked. we now have another lawn ornament for the front of the gallery.

i am happy with my teapots and watering cans. most of jeff's smaller vases look great

i have been back to slip trailing. my great niece's personalized birthday bowl broke and i had to make a replacement. when i was done with it i decided to decorated some other greenware that was on my ware rack.
not sure how i feel about the swirly mugs brushed with slip...

David's jugs, packed up and ready to go

this kiln fires in about 8 hours. overall we were happy with the results. of course there will be some re-fires, seems there always are with salt and wood. a few liner glazes look like they didn't get enough reduction. next time we fire, jeff says we will do longer reduction as well as stoke an extra hour after we salt.
we fired the gas kiln here on sunday and today we will unload it... from peaking in we can see that the shinos are looking good!


  1. love that boxful of jugs...that I'd call bottles!
    and what gets called a jug here is a pitcher with you....and piser in Welsh, so the same root!

    Languages are fun!!

  2. sorry about that big pot, pots look great, congrats on the good firing, boy you are a busy bee with all those firings.

  3. Yum! nothing like wood fired pots laying in the grass to bring a smile. I love that bowl with the little blue dots!

  4. great firing, minus the crack :(
    the slip treail is beautiful...mugs look fine to me!


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