Thursday, July 7, 2011

lil' spoons

i went through a spoon making phase a few years ago. since we were salt firing i decided to make a few. they are a good size for condiments... also made a couple of spreaders as well. i fired one in the gas kiln with shino glaze, fired on stilts.
pardon the lousy picture, it was taken at night in the studio.


  1. Those are cool, I've made some that are bone dry and never fired them because I couldn't figure out how to fire them with glaze. I guess I could make up my own nichrome stilts.

    What are spreaders? oh knives? Duh, must be a NH thing, ha.

  2. ha, ha... i almost called them knives but since they aren't sharp i opted for spreaders!
    you can buy small stilts from most ceramic suppliers. you can usually use them many times. in the wood kiln we just rested them on the floor. the floor is a thick layer of white planter rocks. i had never seen that before and it's pretty cool to just set pots down and not wad them.

  3. making little spoons is fun- must do some for my small salt pots!

  4. Very nice work, you should make more.

  5. thank you Troy... i checked out your blog and saw that you make hand turned wood spoons... very nice work. we use mostly handmade wooden spoons for serving in our home. meals are so much more enjoyable when served and enjoyed with artful intention.

  6. On rocks on the kiln floor, that is cool, I'll have to pick up some of those stilts the next time I go to get clay.


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