Sunday, July 17, 2011

temperamental shino... why do i love it so much?

we unloaded the gas kiln yesterday and while the results were good overall, there was some crawling and pinholes in some of the shino glazed pots. we did notice that two pots that were not made with highwater clay had no issues... hmmmm... that has me wondering. i have 25 lbs. of T3 sheffield clay left in the studio. i think i will throw a couple of tests and fire it with shino and see what happens.
this is an envelope form that i re-fired and it definitely looks better. the before was rather blah and mostly white. it does have some minor crawling on the interior.

all of the little brie bakers are done now...

some of the shino and turquoise ones will sell as seconds... the ones on the right are glazed in Temple White, which is pretty much a clear glaze. it looks good over the blue slip and it is very reliable. it's stable and consistent. on occasion i have re-fired it if it has been in a cold spot and it always recovers nicely.
i am hoping to take pictures with the back drop on the dining room table this week. i want some good shots of the new salt glazed pots. i don't know why i think it's a pain for the set up to be there... it's not like we eat at that table very often!
i hope all you north carolinians are enjoying the wonderful weather we are having... i sure am. it feels like summer in new hampshire... and i just saw on facebook that it is nearly 100 degrees there today. i am sitting on the porch swing and the thermometer says it's 82, not hard to take!


  1. I envy you your weather, how I wish we were having some coolness here. With clay, it's always something isn't it?

  2. Definitely enjoying the coolers temps here! I like that turquoise and shino combo, very pretty!

  3. Our summer is feeling more like Autumn.


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